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We appreciate the situation in which this may have placed you. We are hoping to reach out to area women who have need of help. It is our intention to provide you with as much support as we can at this time.

We will be staffing a call line and will address concerns ranging from pre-procedure counseling to assistance with transportation to Chicago or Wisconsin clinics. We will also be offering post-procedure supportive group sessions as interest allows.

Our staff has had great difficulty with the closing of NIWC. We grieve deeply knowing the many issues that confront women when they are faced with an unwanted or medically challenging pregnancy. Our service to the community was our dedication to all women to assist them in making the best decision for themselves. We wish to continue to provide that service the best we can. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please contact us at advisor@niwc-choice.com

We will connect with you quickly.



Affiliated Medical Services in Milwaukee, WI

Planned Parenthood in Madison, WI

Family Planning in Chicago, IL

National Health Care Inc., in Peoria, IL


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